About Mullis Brother Services Wildlife Control Inc.

Mullis Brothers Services Wildlife Control was founded by brothers, Jason and Kenny Mullis. Kenny is a certified damage control agent for the North Carolina Wildlife commission (NCWC), also listed as an NC wildlife expert trapper. Jason is a qualified North Carolina Wildlife expert and Trapper. Our goal is to provide solutions for your wildlife issues and pest removal in the Charlotte, NC area. Our critter control methods are designed to fit your situation and our removal procedures work with the seasonal biology and life-stages of the animal.   Our goal is to ensure safe and humane exclusion or removal of the animal. Our proven methods are to reduce animal stress and minimize property damage. We believe that proper exclusion and removal techniques are the most effective when coupled with our proven prevention program.

Exclusion – The animal(s) is allowed to leave the home on their own through a one-way door system.
Removal is when a trap is placed in on or around your property to trap the animal in a safe and humane fashion.

Certain parts of your home are vulnerable when unprotected. Jason and Kenny use their professional experience to design a wildlife prevention program for any situation. We provide personal on-site consultations and believe that professionalism, honor, and integrity are the backbone of our business. We understand that wildlife removal can be costly. Therefore, we offer a 1-year, 3-year, 5-year, and even a 10-year warranty for all of our work. You as the customer are able to choose the option that best fits your situation. When you choose the 5- or 10-year warranty we will contact you annually to ensure you are still satisfied with the work completed. Please note that all warranties have a nominal transfer fee after re-inspection of the affected area.
Call the Mullis Brothers to book your on-site inspection. Kenny and Jason will gladly schedule the date and time to visit your home and property to assess your wildlife problem spots. At Mullis Brother Services we truly love what we do. We are committed to customer satisfaction and dedicated to the humane treatment of all wildlife. “Mullis Brothers are above all others”  our company is rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau and with customer satisfaction.

We specialize in critter nuisance control of the hardest-to-reach spaces including attics and crawlspaces. 


Remember: Mullis Brothers above all others!

Why Choose Mullis Brother Services Animal Removal?

  1. Prompt, courteous service at a specified time.
  2. A proven track record of happy clients after 10 years in business, thousands of humane removals and an A+ rating from the BBB.
  3. Industry leading inspections ensure all entry points and problem areas are identified and documented.
  4. Highly trained, insured, certified wildlife pest control technicians.
  5. Zero poison or chemical use so our methods have no negative environmental impact.
  6. Great service and workmanship at a fair price: guaranteed!