We’ll Kindly Make the Squirrels Crawl Out and Not Let Them Back In!

We often get calls about noises in the attic. Often, these noises are coming from squirrels.

Squirrels love to hang out in attics, especially as the cold weather progresses. Attics offer a warm, safe place for them to hide out away from predators.

The problem with squirrels is that they like to explore their environment with their teeth. This means that they chew on important things such as wires and can cause significant and costly damage.

Gray squirrels average  15–20 inches in total length  with tails taking up 6–9.5 inches to their overall length. They are typically grizzled or light gray, although the coat color can change based on season and genetics. Sometimes you have Melanistic (black) individuals are present, but they are still considered Gray squirrels, despite their darker color.

They have a prominent white area on their chin, throat, and belly. 

Red squirrels are less common in North Carolina and are mostly in the  mountainous region. They are a smaller squirrel than the Gray squirrel. You’ll recognize them by their typically rusty red or reddish brown on the back . They also have white or gray-white on their belly. The tail is rusty, and sometimes tinged with yellow.

The sexes look the same, adults are between 10.5, and 15 inches long with tails averaging 3.5–6 inches.

STEP 1 – Examine your attic and identify all existing entry points as well as potential problem areas.
STEP 2 – We present you with a plan for humane hands-on removal. However, we can also use one-way doors if necessary.
STEP 3 – Evicted the animals and wildlife proof the attic.
STEP 4 – Final follow-up inspection and remove one-way door if necessary.

Many animal removal specialists have to come out multiple times in order to solve recurring squirrel problems. We pride ourselves in being able to solve the issues quickly without dragging the process on needlessly.

Squirrel Related Concerns

Unlike raccoons, squirrels generally pose no real health concerns. However, there are some risks associated with these animals in some circumstances.

WARNING: squirrels can cause serious safety hazards.

As mentioned earlier, their habit for chewing can cause some major issues with wiring. They will explore down the side of walls and can extensively chew the wires, causing costly damage.

Their nesting materials can also cause blockages, and they have caused several deaths from blocking heater chimneys and causing fatal levels of carbon monoxide.


Traps may be effective in removing squirrels from an attic or other confined space. Any trapped animal must either be relocated on the premises (within the property) or destroyed humanely; it is illegal to transport and release wildlife to another location They are classified as game species in North Carolina, for which regulated hunting seasons and management programs have been established.

Our professional wildlife control experts are ready to help rid you of these and other pests. We are licensed in the state of North Carolina and operate mostly around the Charlotte, NC area. 

If you are experiencing problems with squirrels or have questions, contact Mullis Brothers Services. Phone: 704-349-2891